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9. August 2022

Getting started

Welcome to ProConnected’s networking and knowledge sharing forum!

This forum is a great way to interact with your peers and other members of the ProConnected network. You can discuss news related to your work at ProCon, share experiences and voice opinions.

Getting started on this discussion forum is easy. You can reply to an existing discussion or request your own idea. In order to ensure a forum that always lives up to the needed professionalism only the administrators can create new posts.

If you want to discuss a theme not already on the page you can simply make a comment on the post called “Discussion ideas” and an administrator will post it.

When communicating in the forum, you must always remember to follow the rules of the forum. The rules are as follows:

General rules of the forum:

  1. This forum is for members of ProConnected only
  2. English language only
  3. Work-related and professional content/uploads only
  4. Always remain respectful of other members 
  5. Always keep a proper tone
  6. Do not spam – Multiple posts with the same content are considered spam
  7. Do not include any sensitive information in posts
  8. Do not share any information from the forum without approval from sender and ProCon
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