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9. August 2022

ProCon Wind Energy US subsidiary established

It is official. ProCon Wind Energy USA Inc. has been established!

Last week, CEO Claus Søgaard Poulsen signed the final documents regarding ProCon’s new US subsidiary.

This means that ProCon now seriously has entered the US offshore wind industry.

Head of Construction Thomas Dybro Larsen, who will be responsible for ProCon’s endavours in the US, explains the incentives for going US:

“After completing the electrical construction of the two first TPs for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Project, and after recieving several different enquiries regarding the US, we have decided to enter the market. We will activate and develop the local supply chain to ensure local and reduced carbon foot print solutions which will contribute to reducing the levelized cost of energy, creating local jobs and creating value for our customers and our own business.”

Next step for ProCon is to finalize the establishment of our first US office, which will be located in Port of New Bedford.

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