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11. October 2022

ProCon Wind Energy – Propelled by Wind and part of the sustainable future

During the covid-19 pandemic, it has become clear that companies can adapt quickly, collaborate and find innovative solutions when met with a shared threat or goal. This also applies to the goal of ensuring a sustainable future.

The latest edition of the Business Focus Magazine focuses on a number of companies within e.g. the energy and construction industries that are inspiring in terms of taking required steps of sustainability.

Spoiler alert. ProCon has been included in this edition, and we are naturally honored to be so.

We have been chosen due to our solutions, our market position, our partnership-oriented and innovative mindset, as well as many other aspects of our business, which Strategic Business & Brand Developer Thomas Padfield and Head of Construction Thomas Dybro Larsen were interviewed about.

View the entire magazine and find our article on page 72 – 77 through this link.

Or check out the stand-alone article about ProCon Wind Energy here.

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