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ProCon is an international ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and UN SDG certified company that specializes in providing high-quality electrical and technical solutions to the global renewable industry, both onshore and offshore, through its two business units: ProCon Wind Energy and ProCon Technic.


Our Company

Our years of experience with the entire electrical scope of renewable projects and the secondary steel related to them, ensure high-quality and competitive solutions on time, which live up to the increasing industry requirements regarding e.g. reduced levelized cost of energy and HSEQ.

Through our wind energy departments of Engineering, Construction, and Service, we have delivered specialist solutions regarding design, engineering, pre-assembly, installation (LV/MV/HV), commissioning, service, maintenance, and retro-fit to more than 1450 Transition Pieces and Jackets, more than 850 WTGs and OSS, and worked offshore for more than 500.000 hours. We can handle everything from single task, turnkey projects, and package solutions where our business units are combined.

Through the Solar, department, we among others provide development, design, simulation, test, installation, handover and service of solar parks as well as solar rooftop PVs. Our knowledge as the specialists within our company have experience with delivering 750 smaller solar systems for households, 248 medium solar systems for industry as well as two large solar farms – each on 50 acres with 130.000 panels, producing 55 Megawatt.

Our business approach is successful because it is based on the inputs of our highly skilled and educated employees as well as our DNA, which is the foundation for our code of conduct. Our approach enable that we are experts in setting up pop-up production sites; going where and delivering what the customer requires; ensuring the right experienced staff at the right time through dynamic recruitment; handling time-demanding and complex tasks; and scaling up or down depending on the projects. It has also made it possible to keep a safe and motivating working culture and a focus on our customers’, employees’ and planet’s well-being.

Vision – our guiding star…
At ProCon, we want to ensure the continuous global expansion of renewable energy.

Mission – our justification for existence…
It is our mission to electrify the global renewable energy industry by providing electrical and technical solutions that create value for our customers and partners.

This is enabled by our specialist know-how and innovative thinking as well as our commitment to ensure an educated, competent, and motivated workforce; develop and optimize the entire value chain; promote responsible consumption and production; engage in partnerships with other specialists; comply to international standards; running a sustainable business; and be adaptable to our interested parties’ needs and requirements.

Focusing on these, makes us an indispensable, international and trustworthy partner within the renewable industry. It makes us acknowledged as best-in-class, decent, flexible, and streamlined towards all interested parties – inspiring others, also outside our own industry.

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The ProCon Model

The ProCon model gives you efficient, flexible, and quality solutions on time at competitive prices

Streamlined installation
Work Efficiency
More value to the customer
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What we strive to be

DNA & values

ProCon’s DNA is implemented into every aspect of the company. It can be boiled down to the letters BOSS – and BDFS when translated to English. In short terms, ProCon strives to be best, decent, flexible, and streamlined in all aspects of the company.

  • We want to be the best on the market in relation to our core competences.
  • We want to best-in-class in relation to employee and customer satisfaction.
  • We want to be inspired and inspire the market in relation to best-practice.
  • We want to be dependable and decent in our business.
  • We want to excel with our communication.
  • We want to be respectable, trustworthy and transparent towards all interested parties.
  • We want to be flexible when it comes to our interested parties’ needs and wishes.
  • We want to be adaptable and dynamic to be solution-oriented.
  • We want to ensure our short and fast decision-making process.
  • We want to streamline and standardize our processes.
  • We want to ensure efficient tools and systems at all levels of work.
  • We want to maintain and promote our clear concepts and stances.
We achieve and uphold this by e.g.


ProCon’s business can be dated back to 1995, despite only being established in 2019. Below, you can find out how by scrolling through some of our significant milestones. We have experienced and achieved a lot. Click on the arrow to see them all.

Wind division of Scanel International is established on the bassis of the first onshore wind project - Stenes Enge.
First offshore wind project - Gunfleet Sands.
First large scale solar farm project(through different company).
Claus Søgaard Poulsen joins as CEO.
First offshore and onshore wind substation project - Hornsea 1.
Claus Søgaard Poulsen leaves Scanel and starts ProCon to carve out the wind division into a new company - dec2018-feb2019
New offices in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Århus.
ProCon becomes ISO certified.
First project outside of EU - Coastal Virginia.
Establishment of ProCon Taiwan.
First annual result as ProCon.
Start of ProConnected.
First project in Asia - Changfang & Xidao.
Establishment of ProCon USA.
Second annual result as ProCon.
ProCon becomes certified for its work with sustainability.
ProCon makes investment agreement with Integrated Wind Solutions AS.
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