Sustainability is incorporated into the company’s strategy and is therefore a core element in our way of doing business.

We are certified for our work the the UN’s Sustainability Goals by Bureau Veritas.


Integrated in the very core of ProCon

In 2021, we decided to work strategically, pragmatically, and actively with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and mapping our impact. Alongside working with the SDG’s we are also working with double materiality and ESRS’s according to the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Our highest focus lies at our Value Chain and our Supplier Management, as this is one of our highest emission factors and here we see the possibility to work actively to become more sustainable.

Our work is integrated, supported and anchored in the entire organization, under the slogan “Electrifying Renewable Energy”, and every department has a seat in our sustainability committee to ensure this anchoring and that ProCon is continuing to be a first mover in the industry.  


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Our initiatives

ProCon was certified for its work with the sustainable development goals by Bureau Veritas in June 2021 as the first SMV in the renewable industry. Apart from being able to document our contribution to a more sustainable world, our certification means that we have made certain commitments regarding business and solutions. Some of these commitments are already intertwined with our ISO standards, our QHSE policy, and DNA, which is why working with sustainability is natural for us.

To oversee, facilitate and continue our sustainable work, we are working with transparency and communication of our processes, progress, initiatives, plans, etc. Examples of initiatives which we are working on and have great success with are, amongothers