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9. August 2022

ProCon launces ProConnected – a job bank and networking platform for specialists

Today, ProCon Group launched its new platform for electrical engineers and technicians familiar with or interested in the wind and/or solar industry.

The job bank and networking platform will thus be a cross industry platform used by both ProCon Wind Energy and ProCon Technic.

ProConnected has been developed to ensure a database of competent and accessible specialists that can contribute to PWE’s and PT’s increasing global and diverse projects.

In return for their enrolment, the members of the platform can enjoy several benefits, including
access and priority employment to the latest job openings and enquiries at ProCon; a networking forum where different topics and news can be discussed with peers; top news from the solar and wind industry; finding and sales fees; and many more.

The platform is free of charge and non-binding, and open for all. It does not matter if you are currently employed elsewhere, have made other commitments, or are looking for either permanent, project, contractor, self-employed or freelancer employment. Every electrical engineer and technician is welcome.

Customers and partners can also use the platform as a built-in function allows them to create a free job advert/enquiry that will be presented to the members so the best profiles can be found.

ProConnected will be upgraded and developed on an ongoing basis. Members can therefore expect to get more benefits along the way.

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