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20. July 2023

From Closed Abattoir to Opportunities in Wind Energy

At the end of week 27, ProCon Wind Energy A/S offered employment to 21 new employees, all of whom came from the closed Danish Crown abattoir in Sæby. The hirings ensure growth in North Jutland, reduce of unemployment, and retraining workers for a sustainable industry that is rapidly developing.


On Friday, 30th June, there was a buzz of activity at the ProCon Wind Energy’s headquarters in East Aalborg, as 31 job interviews were held. All applicants had visited ProCon Wind Energy’s booth at the Danish Crown’s external job fair on June 2nd, where representatives from ProCon Wind Energy spoke with around 250 people. The job fair generated great interest in retraining to become cable fitters and to work in the wind industry.


Out of the 31 interviews, ProCon chose to proceed with 21, who will be retrained as cable fitters. “We have selected 21 former employees from the Danish Crown abattoir in Sæby, as we believe they have the prerequisites to succeed as cable fitters at ProCon,” explains Carina Holst Kristensen, Head of HR, Legal, QHSE & Sustainability at ProCon Wind Energy.


About ProCon Wind Energy

ProCon Wind Energy provides, among other things, electrical, technical solutions for transformer stations and the foundations of offshore wind turbines – the work is carried out both onshore and offshore. The work is carried out both in Denmark and abroad. ProCon Wind Energy is an international company headquartered in Aalborg, which over the last four years has achieved an impressive track record, where highly qualified engineers, electricians, technicians, and administrative staff have ensured quality on time, at competitive prices.

Innovation and sustainability are crucial aspects of ProCon Wind Energy’s DNA, and therefore it is only natural for ProCon Wind Energy to collaborate with Job Centres, Danish Crown, and TECH COLLEGE on retraining abattoir workers to become cable fitters.


A North Jutland Collaboration That Works

When the Danish Crown abattoir in Sæby announced its closure, things looked bleak for unemployment in North Jutland – Frederikshavn Municipality would be hit hard. Fortunately, the people of North Jutland have once again shown resilience, as many North Jutland companies and educational institutions have proven that they are ready to take the necessary social responsibility.


ProCon Wind Energy needs labour for upcoming tasks in Denmark and Europe, where ProCon Wind Energy will need 100-150 electricians and technicians, including cable fitters, for projects in North Jutland in the fall, and that’s why the collaboration between Frederikshavn Municipality, TECHCOLLEGE Aalborg, and ProCon Wind Energy arose. “It is an important interdisciplinary collaboration that will have a major impact on the local community,” says Heidi Juel Frederiksen, Department Manager in Frederikshavn Municipality.


Being part of the cross-collaboration and improving local labour was not a difficult decision for the North Jutland company, as it is a big part of their DNA. “We take social responsibility – no matter where in the world we work,” explains Carina Holst Kristensen, HR Manager at ProCon Wind Energy, before continuing… “At ProCon, we have a proper and sustainable approach to the way we run our business. It adds great value to the company to help people move forward in their work lives and give them opportunities to develop and succeed. We don’t just want to compete on price with the customer – it is just as important for us to offer the customer a sustainable solution, and social responsibility is also part of this.”


A Whole New Work Life

Several of the 21 newly hired cable fitters have been employed at Danish Crown for between 10 and 40 years, so it is a big leap for them to enter a new industry. But they are all eager to learn something new and continue their working life in an industry that is only growing larger.


Christian Larsen from Sæby is one of the new employees at ProCon Wind Energy, and what particularly appealed to him about working for ProCon Wind Energy was the flexibility that the company offers. He was used to working 40 hours a week at the abattoir to have every 7th week off, and he greatly appreciates this freedom.


“When you have time off for a longer period, I can be there 100% for my child. There’s no more just saying good morning and then rushing off – to come home, make dinner, and then say goodnight. No, in this way, I have more quality time with my child, without the everyday routine taking over,” Christian states after getting the job at ProCon Wind Energy.

Christian had previously dreamed of having a travel job, but he had a stable job at Danish Crown, and that’s not something you just switch out. So, when the closure was announced, Christian’s dream could become a reality. In fact, as an employee at ProCon Wind Energy, it is possible to work abroad if desired.


A Good and Solid Education

It is TECHCOLLEGE in Aalborg that is responsible for retraining the former abattoir workers to become cable fitters. “We are the ones who properly prepare them. We want them to succeed in their new working life,” says Henrik Holm Jensen, Sales, and Business Development Manager at TECHCOLLEGE in Aalborg. The teams at TECHCOLLEGE are composed of former Danish Crown employees, so there is a familiarity with colleagues, and the best possible learning conditions are ensured.


TECHCOLLEGE specializes in further educating people in new fields and industries. Their learning plans are composed so that everyone gets the most out of the teaching, and no one is left behind in the process.

“We know the requirements for the job they will be sent out to, and we have aligned expectations with ProCon Wind Energy on which competencies should be particularly emphasized – which has given the right direction for our education program,” continues Henrik Holm Jensen.


What Does the Future Look Like?

The first group of 21 former abattoir workers will complete the retraining after the summer holiday, after which they will start working for ProCon Wind Energy. “We are still receiving applications from individuals interested in retraining as cable fitters. And we plan to assemble another team in October to go through the education at TECHCOLLEGE,” says Carina Holst Kristensen. “So, if you are interested in working in an industry, either as a cable fitter or an electrician, that is only growing larger and offers a lot of opportunities – then do not hesitate to contact us. We are growing and continuously looking for qualified labour in all areas.”

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