Jesper G. Uhre Larsen


Listen to the sound of silence – that is the true relaxation for Jesper. He is out enjoying nature, when ever he can. This can be while taking long hikes with his ever-loyal friend who barks or in some time by a lake with a fishing pole in his hands. Besides being a nature lover, Jesper is a family man. He is very involved in his three sons and together you can often find them by the TV watching a Liverpool game.


Jesper Daugaard Nielsen


Jesper is not just into numbers, he is also very much into music. He plays the piano himself and is an eager concert participant, with a broad taste in music... all from attending Frank Sinatra’s concert in Gothenburg in 1993 to Taylor Swift’s concert in Paris in 2024 – and who isn’t a Swiftie? As a father of two young girls, he is trying to bring balance in his life and their lives by exploring the world in both camping and luxury trips. He loves excellent food and wines but also have comeback ambitions as a marathon runner – it’s all about the balance.


Claus Poulsen


Claus is a family man, with three kids and a smaller army of grandkids, there is always life and laughter in his house. A house he has built himself, both inside and outside. Claus is a handyman who has the hands screwed on correctly and has an eye for details. When Claus needs silence, he is fishing for trouts, and does not take the task lightly – he is almost fanatic about having the right equipment and fishing at the right places. Because Claus does not go halfway, this is also seen in his CrossFit abilities and all other sports he participates in.


Thomas Padfield


As a true half English man, Thomas does not drink coffee – but make sure to offer him a cup of tea. See if you can catch Thomas travelling across the world, if we should give you a hint, then try the UK, perhaps watching Manchester United game yelling at 22 guys trying to score. If you find him in Denmark it will be in the northern part completing his new house or goofing around with his two children.


Commercial team

Thomas Dybro Larsen

Head of Project Development & Sales

Have you seen Thomas? Like a true salesman his chair is almost always empty. If he is not out representing ProCon, you are most likely, in winter, to find him on a pair of skis on a piste. In the first half of 2024, he went on 6 different skiing trips. When he is not travelling or selling solutions, he is renovating his home – or at least putting on the finishing touches.


Carina Holst Kristensen

Head of Legal & Compliance

Carina is one of our busy, little bees. When she is not reading all contracts or lawyering away, she is treading a lot of miles in her spinning class or on her racing bike, running and is the forward in Klokkerholm Football Club. But it does not stop there… Carina is often out in nature making sure she is not seen, as one of her hobbies is hunting – which her colleagues benefit from with the best deer salami in the world. In all the best of meanings, she is a nerd. She loves to make sure she has all perspectives and deep down in different subjects in both legal matters but also other areas.


Lasse Raun Jensen

Head of Tender, Purchase & Logistics

With the most expensive lawn in all of Aalborg, and the area around, we always have total confidence in Lasse doing the calculations for our clients. Tender calculations and huge excel sheets sound more than boring, but if you have a bad day, then step into Lasse’s department – you cannot be in a bad mood around Lasse. He is a family man with, soon, three sons who he loves playing with them. Imagine Lasse as Bluey’s father, Bandit.


People & Mobility

Cecilie Bro Svendsen

HR & Development Lead

Cecilies HR skills are running wide from working with the Danish royal family (no nothing like in The Crown), to factories. She has, with her family, spend two years in Nuuk and has been working volunteer in Greenland. Speaking of family, like most of the people in ProCon, Cecilie is a huge family person, loving to spend time with her two boys and husband. Her relaxation spot is in the garden – she loves gardening and making this part of her house quite special. Sometimes you bump into her looking for findings at yard sales or flea markets, perhaps with some sushi in her mouth.

CBS. 2

Monika Jablonowska

Global Resource & Mobility Lead

Monika started her journey in ProCon as a trainee and has specialized herself in Global Resource and Mobility. Her previously profession, as an interior consultant, clearly still means something, as she is the one, who helped decorate and arrange our headquarters. Her ability in interior design also plays a role in her private home, as she always has a original idea for some part of the house, and is not afraid to try new techniques to bring the ideas to life, for example has she welded a kitchen once for a design assignment.


General Managers

Christopher Sutcliffe

General Manager UK

Jimmy Tzou

General Manager Asia