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11. October 2022

ProCon Wind Energy awarded electrical construction scope of Kaskasi project

We are delighted to announce that we have signed a contract with Bladt Industries A/S regarding the electrical installation and outfitting of the 38 transition pieces for RWE Renewables’ Kaskasi offshore wind farm.

“I am proud that ProCon Wind Energy and Bladt Industries once again are contributing to the growing offshore wind market together. Our latest project cooperation on Danish Kriegers Flak was a success and we will of course build on this experience. Credit must also be given to the teams of Bladt Industries and ProCon who managed to get the deal in place despite of Covid-19. It goes to show how effective a good dialogue and virtual meetings can be.” – CEO, Claus Søgaard Poulsen.

Purchasing related to the project has already started, while the installation and outfitting is set to initiate in January 2021 but really begin in March. Our team will be led by Thomas Dybro Larsen and ProCon’s Construction team in Aalborg.

When completed, the Kaskasi wind farm is expected to provide power to more than 400,000 German households.

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